Pestilli Lab

Faster brain science discovery through better technology.


Advancing the understanding of the human brain, behavior, vision, cognition development, and aging. We combine magnetic resonance imaging data, behvioral psychophysics, computational models and cloud computing systems. We can measure the living human brain through modern neuroimaging at unprecedented resolution.

The team

Franco Pestilli
Project Director

Brent McPherson
Graduate Student

Lindsey Kitchell
Graduate Student

Dan Bullock
Graduate Student

Bradley Caron
Graduate Student

Soichi Hayashi
Software Engineer

Paolo Avesani
Visiting Scientist

Former Members

Cesar Caiafa
Research Scientist

Shiloh Cooper
Undergraduate Student

Steven O'Riley
Software Engineer

Aman Arya
Software Engineer


Big Data Neuroscience

Cloud computing, machine learning to advance brain science.

Vision and impairment

What are the mechanisms that support human vision, what happens when they go wrong?.

The learning and developing brain

We yet do not understand the basic mechanisms of human learning, yet we can build machines that can learn, pretty well.

The aging Brain

Alzheimer's disese.

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Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences,
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405 USA.

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